Custom Made

Every bespoke creation is designed with your needs in mind and crafted with love. Blending the art and science of gems, our team of designers, gemmologists and craftsmen work hand-in-hand to give you assurance in beauty and quality of the finest piece.

Get ready to indulge in our wide selection of precious gemstones, color-changing and phenomenal effects gemstones to make your dream bespoke jewellery. For special requests on gemstones not in our ready collection, our experienced and well-connected gemmologists will do their best to source for you.

The 4C’s of Jewellery Customisation

  1. Choose from a wide selection of gems.
  2. Consult and discuss with our in-house designer.
  3. Confirm your final design option.
  4. Create your dream jewellery pieces.
To help you understand more on how to customise your jewellery, let us take you through the 3 stages from Inspiration to Creation.

1. Inspiration Stage

At TK Bespoke, we help you towards acquiring jewellery that is uniquely designed to reflect the essence of the person’s unique character.

The starting point of our bespoke process is your vision, we invite you to our showroom to have a cup of coffee or a sip of wine and take the time to collaborate on a design that is beautiful and extraordinary. Our customers sometimes bring in an idea of what they want and we help make it a reality for them. 

2. Design Stage

At TK Bespoke, we aim to keep the tradition of hand-drawing and hand crafting jewellery.

After the confirmation of a hand-sketched selected design, you will get to select the material and the type of finish. If the customer is indecisive of the choice of metal colour, we will advise a few designs in different colours to offer a better visualization of the final piece. Our meticulous creative process allows us to create fine details of art that are unique yet original.

3. Creation Stage

Once a technical drawing of 1:1 scale of the design is made, this is when our master craftsman proceeds in making the piece. 

Our production, based in Singapore allows a faster process to create and deliver the finished piece of jewellery unto your hands in no time. 

Our master craftsman, with experience of over 30 years in the industry handcrafts each piece with passion and precision.