Design Journey from Rough to Polished


Design Journey from Rough to Polished

Late last year, a family of three – father, mother and son, came to The King’s Bespoke showroom with a bag of 128 grams rough gemstones! They dug these gemstones together as a family in a mine, when they traveled to the mine at Rubyvale, Queensland Australia. Rubyvale’s sapphire mining can be dated back to 1891.

The gemstones were brought to us in a rough condition, unsorted and covered with sand. At the initial stage, the lot of gems were not worth much. However, the family sees the sentimental value that is attached to. To preserve the memory it holds, as a team, we helped to sort, slice, tumble, cut, and polish the lot. And eventually, we designed and turned them into wearable pieces that they can adorn. We believe that jewellery holds on to memory very well, this is truly a perfect example of it.

Photos of key moments during parts of the process.

Here are the 5 jewellery pieces that we have crafted with the family’s tumbled and faceted gemstones.

Artistic Floral Pendant

The first pendant was designed for the mother. The design was inspired by a flower in an artistic form. A flower is the brightest manifestation of the force of life, an image of its joy. This piece is designed to look abstract with fantasy forms, not to represent real flower to a literal degree. On a stalk of a rose-gold set with diamonds, a colourful selection of faceted and tumbled gems is decorated along with it. We also included round emeralds on certain parts of the design to make it look like leaves on the stalk.

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The second pendant was created in a simpler design, making it suitable for our client to wear on a daily basis. This means that she can match it easily with her daily wear. The gemstones used are a 0.31ct marquise shape parti-coloured sapphire and a 0.52ct cabochon black star sapphire. Both gemstones display unique character which showcases strikingly in a simple, elegant setting.

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These two sets of cufflinks was designed for the father. Here is one with mixed gemstones in 18K white gold. On each side, we have a sliced deep red garnet, sliced blue sapphire with obvious colour zoning and a piece of faceted gemstone. Cufflinks are a small piece of artwork on your cuff that tells the world that you are different. It’s unique and eye-catching, don’t you think so?

Another set of cufflink is an 18K yellow gold cufflink with yellow and green tone gemstones. We created a bezel setting for each of the gemstone. The idea behind this design was to showcase each gemstone’s unique character. Jewellery allows you to express personality. These tend to be the things others spot, comment on, or remember.           

The last jewellery we had designed for the family was a man’s pinky-finger ring. We selected a beautiful 0.58ct faceted red gemstone from the lot of gems. Our designer designed and set it in a dual band of 18K white gold. This design is a real eye-catcher and offers classic sophistication.

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If you are interested in creating bespoke jewellery, you may fill up the enquiry form to book an appointment with us.

Also, you may view our gallery for our past bespoke jewellery.

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