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Among the heaps of gemstones, emerald is indeed one of the most celebrated in the world. The lush green gem that was once worshipped by many civillisations now still being highly valued for its rarity, value, and colour. Those factors are the ones that set emerald apart from its many beryl gemstone siblings. However, there is an ongoing debating to determine which better, Colombian or Brazilian emerald is.

There are three main quality factors differentiate Colombian and Brazilian emeralds. No doubt that colour played a massive role in the overall value of a gemstone, but there are other determining factors such as clarity and cut.


As charming as it can be, the emerald has no fixed colouration. It can vary in hue, tone, and saturation even from the same location. Various amounts of either chromium, vanadium, or both can intensify or diminish the green; while the presence of iron can give tints of blue or yellow into the green. Emeralds from different localities tend to have different concentrations of elements, resulted in colour variation.

To compare, judging its colour from the best emerald of both countries, the Colombian emerald has a pure and intense green. Whereas, the Brazilian emerald has a brighter and vibrant green. On the other hand, Colombian emeralds are moderately darker and more saturated than Brazilian emeralds, which are slightly lower in tone and saturation.

0.68ct Brazilian Emerald. Photo: Far East Gems and Jewellery

Apart from pure green, emeralds from parts of Colombia may look bluish-green due to the presence of iron content. The blue tint gives the emerald a classy appearance. On the other hand, Brazilian emeralds may appear to be yellowish-green instead of bluish, also due to iron. Be it pure green, bluish-green, or yellowish-green, all of them have their beauty and demand.

5.24ct Colombian Emerald. Photo: Far East Gems and Jewellery


Inclusions are extremely common in emeralds, and the heavily included stones will look whitish or milky. Some experts may think Colombian emeralds tend to have more inclusions than Brazilian ones, but it depends on the creation of nature.


The cut of a stone may be the most manipulative of the 4Cs. A well proportional cut stone will look more brilliant compared to poorly cut ones. The hue is more intense, due to internal light reflections within, rather than leakage. Ultimately, it plays down to the quality of the human touch instead of the origin of the emerald.

In general, Colombian emeralds are highly prized, and Brazilian emeralds come second. There are no standard ways to define what beauty is. All we know is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

0.86ct Colombian Emerald Ring. Photo: Far East Gems and Jewellery

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