How Design Can Complement A Black Diamond.


Black diamonds are among the trending colour of diamonds next to ‘salt and pepper’ diamonds. ‘Salt and pepper’ diamonds have both black and white inclusions positioned throughout the diamond. Black diamonds are similar to that but have an extremely high amount of darker inclusions, clusters of graphite inside of them to the point that they simply appear black.

Black diamonds occur naturally. These diamonds may have numerous cleavages or fractures that are stained black or have become black because of graphitization. (https://4cs.gia.edu/en-us/blog/black-diamonds-what-you-need-to-know/)

Here are 5 styles in which a jewellery design can complement a black diamond in a ring setting:

Full black, in an 18K black gold setting

Style 1

Full black -Set the black diamond in a bold, 6-prong solitaire in 18K black gold. Keep the black diamond as the main focus of the ring. This design is truly unique and edgy, suitable for those who are looking for a statement ring.

Monochromatic colour

Style 2

Set the black diamond in a 6-prong solitaire in 18K white gold. This design is classic. White gold contrasts with the black diamond beautifully, giving the entire ring a nice pop of monochromatic colour, while emphasizing the colour of the diamond.

Fully black with matching black side diamonds

Style 3

Set the black diamond in a 6-prong ring with matching black side diamonds. A fully black ring in 18K gold that will turn heads your way.

Matching colourless diamonds, in an 18K white gold setting

Style 4

Create a stunning ring to highlight the black diamond. Set the black diamond in an 18K all-white ring with colourless diamonds on the sides of the band.

Black side diamonds, in an 18K white gold setting

Style 5

Highlight the black diamond by complementing it with additional side black diamonds on the band, setting it in an 18K white gold setting.

Black diamonds are rare. At The King’s Bespoke, we have a collection of loose black diamonds that you can select from to set into any of these 5 styles. If you are interested to find out more, schedule an appointment with us and we would be happy to assist you.

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