Men’s Jewellery

Each bespoke jewellery piece exudes masculinity, charm and confidence.


Mixed gemstones in 18K white gold cufflink. On each side, we have a sliced deep red garnet, sliced blue sapphire with obvious colour zoning and a piece of faceted gemstone. Cufflinks are a small piece of artwork on your cuff that tells the world that you are different. Quite eye-catching, don’t you think?


18K yellow gold cufflink with yellow and green tone gems! Similar to the style of the other cufflink. We created a bezel setting for each of the gemstone. The idea behind this design was to showcase each individual gemstone’s unique character. Jewellery gives you an opportunity to express personality. These tend to be the things others spot, comment on, or remember.


A playful gift customised by our client for her husband. She picked these loose opals during her trip to Australia and we transformed them into wearable cufflinks inspired by the silhouette of rabbits.


While creating a bespoke engagement ring for his wife, our client fell in love with the beauty of gemstones as he went through the process of meticulously sourcing and researching for the perfect stone.
Eventually he created a bespoke pinky ring for himself too with a 0.40ct marquise cut alexandrite.


A 0.58ct pear shaped deep red garnet set in a dual band man’s ring in 18K solid white gold. This design is a real eye-catcher and offers classic sophistication.


A statement, 0.92ct octagon-cut spinel set in a beveled men’s ring in solid 18K rose gold. The centre gemstone is paired with 2 matching baguette diamonds of 0.32ct.


This man’s ring is bezel set with 0.99ct oval citrine gem and a 2.98ct cushion cut imperial topaz gemstone. Imperial topaz, is the most rare color of topaz. It is considered to be the colour of the setting sun. Combined with setting into a less conventional choice of black gold, this ring best reflects the outstanding personality of its wearer – one who breaks the norm and exudes great creativity and charm. Read about our customized jewellery design process