If you are looking for a place selling bespoke jewellery with excellent services, Far East Jewellery is the place to go. Kun Ming was patient and took the time to explain to me the company’s different gem collections. He was never pushy and was very enthusiastic about his collection. My girlfriend then had wanted a sapphire for her engagement ring and we found the perfect one through Kun Ming. I will definitely recommend Far East Jewellery.

-David Seah Seng Chong

My experience with Far East Gems and Jewelry has been exceptional. They have worked with me to get an engagement and wedding ring that precisely fit what my fiancée wished for. They were also patient with the dozens of questions that I had and the many days that I visited their store. Moreover, they are open and honest. With all of these qualities, I’d return to work with them on new jewelry pieces again.

-Guleed Ali

我在Tkbespoke 真的感受到前所未有的好服務,一開始讓我們從眾多寶石中開始選自己喜歡的大小、顏色與光澤。 選好之後設計師拿出畫本讓我從中挑選自己喜歡的戒指樣式,甚至拿出鉛筆和紙,現場繪製討論我喜歡的樣子與材質,並且最後客製化的做出自己喜歡的款式。 這種客製化的服務真的很貼心,也特別意義非凡,因為全世界沒有一個飾品跟自己所訂製的重複,全部都是量身訂做的! 真的太棒了!

-Zachary Wang

Kristina is the jewellery designer of my Tanzanite earrings, very patient and sweet with the changes to fit my budget, and welcome my return visit to just clean and maintain my jewellery . Very pleased with their service and attention to details.

-Elaine Chong

I chanced upon Kunming’s website while looking for an untreated emerald. There are not a lot of shops in Singapore that sell untreated precious stones, most of the gemstones in the retail shops are usually treated eg. heat treatment for sapphires and oil for emerald. And in the rare occasion you can find an untreated stone in a retail jewellery shop, the price is often very high. Kunming was able to help me secure a few sapphires and emerald that are not only unblemished and without treatment, they also came with laboratory certifications. In addition, the prices he quoted was below what the retail jewellery shops were charging for similar size but treated stones. It turns out that Kunming inherited his love of gemstones from his father, who is a renowned gemologist that had opened the first accredited gemological laboratory in Singapore. And the family has a huge network of international gemstones trading partners. Kunming and his wife also started a private Gem Museum that showcases a large display of gemstones and minerals in their various formations. Kunming is also very open, he will gladly share his knowledge of the gemstones, and is very honest about the quality of the stones he recommends. I highly recommend Kunming to all my friends, as I couldn’t find any better source for high quality gemstones with peace of mind to match. 


-KH Ho

Buying a Perfect wedding ring for my Princess is one of the most difficult decisions in my life. From selecting of gems, to the size and colour of gems, type of band, to the design of the ring itself, we were simply spoilt for choice. Kristina really put in her utmost effort to guide us in our purchase of our elusive and custom-designed ring.

The entire process of purchasing THE ring went pretty smooth and my princess was elated when the ring was finally presented to her when I proposed. The ring fitted perfectly and the ring design was exactly what she envisioned!

To all the guys out there if you are looking to propose to your girlfriend, I would highly recommend that you visit Far East Jewellery to craft out the Perfect Ring for your other half!

-Brandan Chen