The Beauty of Fancy Coloured Diamonds


Diamonds are undoubtedly a girl’s best friend. Through centuries of modernizing diamonds as a jewellery staple, it managed to capture the hearts of contemporary women with its dazzling display of brilliance.

Colourless diamonds are widely used in today’s market because it can be extremely versatile as the centerpiece or even a complement to a centerpiece of any jewellery. Due to its versatility and steady availability of colourless diamonds, attention has been deterred away from the rarer coloured diamonds.

Diamonds are fascinating, as they come in almost every colour in the spectrum. Any colours that fall out of the standard colourless diamond range of D-Z are considered fancy colours. Fancy colours are many times rarer than colourless ones. Yellow and brown are more common compared to other colours like pink, blue, green, and red. Large vivid coloured diamonds are remarkably rare and valuable as a matter of fact.

Almost all diamonds have impurities in its chemical composition apart from carbon. The presence of nitrogen in the gemstone is inevitable, and it is also the cause for yellow and orange. The element boron is the cause for blue colouration in diamonds. Brown, pink, red, and purple, however, were a mystery to scientists for a long time. Now it is said to be a defect known as plastic deformation in the diamond’s crystal lattice structure that causes those colours in diamonds.

No matter what colour it is, the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond remains for the admiration of many. The cutting of the gemstone determines and maximises its brilliance or colour.

At The King’s Bespoke, we believe that bespoke design can bring out the diamond’s true colours, which is important to compliment the overall aesthetic of the jewellery.

At the showroom of The King’s Bespoke, you can find a wide range of Fancy Coloured Diamonds:

If you are interested in creating a Fancy Coloured Diamond bespoke jewellery, you may fill up the enquiry form to book an appointment with us.

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