Three Reasons to Collect Alexandrite


Alexandrite is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the current era. This rare gemstones were first discovered in the emerald mines in the Urals in April 1834, which is less than 200 years old. Let us find out the three reasons why Alexandrite is worth collecting.

1. One of A Kind Colour Change

colour change alexandrite
Vivid color change of a same Alexandrite.

Since its debut to the gem trade, the gem traders has turned its attention to the uniqueness of colour changing gemstones. The standard of colour change in gemstones is widely defined by Alexandrite.

An exceptional Alexandrite can display dramatic and vivid colour under different lightings, green under daylight and red under incandescent light. Not many gemstones possess such capability. Although Sapphire, Garnet, and Spinel can be found on rare occasions as colour changing gemstones, none of the above could colour-change like Alexandrite.

Colour change determines its market value. A dramatic colour change Alexandrite will definitely worth more than an indistinct colour change. The amount of chromium in the stone that affects the quality of the colour change.

2. Rarity

A top quality Alexandrite is undeniably rare. As being a phenomenal variety of the Chrysoberyl, it requires several factors combined for an Alexandrite to form naturally. Firstly, its chemical composition is composed of rare elements, beryllium and chromium. It was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. That mountain range signals the collision of Siberia and Europe, bringing elements from two ancient continents together to form the finest of Alexandrite. Such formation only occurs millions to billions of years of tectonic plate movements.

The chance to find a top gem-quality rough is slim. Gem crystals grow deep beneath the earth to more than 2000 kilometers into the mantle. In deep underground, there is extremely high temperature and pressure that cause minerals to crystallise. However, with the constant movement of tectonic plates, a slight environmental change may result in incomplete crystallisation or inclusion impurities in the crystal that affects the gem quality.

3. It’s the most collectable and priciest gemstones.

Besides the rarity and unusual optical properties, the factor that determines a gemstone’s collectability, is the story behind it. The fame of Alexandrite has started the saying of “Emerald by day, Ruby by night”, to describe its unique phenomena. It almost seems like a combination of both Emerald and Ruby. Thus, it should considered to be a perfect addition to the family of precious gemstones.

alexandrite name origin
Russian Tsar Alexander II in 1856.

Being named after a Russian Tsar, this gem has inevitably become the national stone of Russia. Alexandrite’s colour change also represented the official colors of Imperial Russian.


Supplies from the Ural Mountains were unfortunately limited due to government strict control. Alexandrite is now mainly sourced from Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Brazil. Still, specimens from the above-mentioned source are unable to compete with the gem-quality from Russian. No doubt, these Russian Alexandrites that are still circulating the market has become a highly-prized collectible.

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