The Prize: A 0.95-carat Heart-shaped Ruby


I believe that you have heard of our contest, Mother’s Day Jewellery Design Contest! Kristina (Jewellery Designer) and I Kunming (Director-Gemologist) have prepared this article to tell you more about the uniqueness of the prize in the perspective of a gemologist and designer.

Gemologist Perspective (Kunming): A 0.95-carat Ruby

The prize of the Mother’s Day Jewellery Design Contest is a 0.95-carat heart-shaped ruby from Madagascar, Africa.

ORIGIN – This ruby comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of Thailand (https://www.git.or.th). The gemological evidence points out that this ruby is from Africa, specifically Madagascar. Madagascar is a relatively new producer for rubies and sapphires. Sapphire was discovered there in 1998 at Ilakaka and Sakaraha (et al MINERALS YEARBOOK 2011, Volume 3, page 272).

CARAT – This ruby is 0.95 carat in weight and it measures 5.60mm width by 6.12mm length by 3.28mm depth. Do note that, 0.2 grams is equal to 5 carats. 

COLOR – This ruby was indicated as pinkish-red in color in the certificate. The primary color is red with a secondary color of pink. Rubies tend to have secondary colors such as pink, purple and orange (in no particular order of value). Just to note, the highly sort after “Pigeon blood red aka vivid red” has purple as a secondary color. Most Madagascar rubies tend to be dark in color, but this ruby is a wonderful exception.

CLARITY – Most rubies tend to have more visible inclusions. However, I would describe this ruby as eye clean, inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. 

CUT  – This 0.95 carat Ruby was cut into a heart-shaped modified-brilliant step cut. Most gemstone certificates do not include cut grading. The ruby is well shaped, not too deep and has a relatively wide table that makes it look big. If you are interested, here is an article on how a heart shape is cut, https://www.gemsociety.org/article/cut-heart-ruby-sapphire/.

TREATMENT  – Statistically, only 5-10% of gemstones are “gem quality”. There are significant indications of heating evidence in this ruby. Heat treatment creates more supply of beautiful gemstones to the world. Rubies are often heat-treated to enhance the beauty in the area of color and clarity. Heat treatment is permanent. Its color and clarity do not change over time.

Designer Perspective (Kristina): A 0.95-carat Heart-shaped Ruby

The ruby is the gem of love, moreover this 0.95ct ruby is in a heart shape, which is fitting to the theme surrounding Mother’s Day. It is an occasion where we celebrate and appreciate our mothers for their love and sacrifices. This heart shape ruby represents to me, a mother’s heart that is a bottomless pit, an unconditional pocket of love.

Heart-shaped gemstones are eye-catching and are a sweet shape to create into jewellery designs. It is unique due to its non-traditional shape, so there are endless of possibilities in designing a piece of jewellery for this gemstone.

This beautiful and valuable heart-shaped ruby is a great gift for your mum, as it symbolizes love, tenderness, and passion. This initiative holds a very special place in our hearts and we believe this is something that will be cherished by your mother and become one of those memories that lasts a lifetime for both of you.

Simply, get a pencil and paper to sketch out a pendant design for your mother, and send in your pendant design at: https://tkbespoke.com/contest/.

We will select the most creative and inspiring design as the winner for this competition. The closing date for submission of entries is 8 May ’20. We look forward to seeing your entry!

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