Women’s Jewellery

Each elegant bespoke jewellery piece tells of a beautiful, feminine story.


A flower is the brightest manifestation of the force of life, an image of its joy. This piece is not designed to represent real flower to a literal degree, but it is designed to look abstract with fantasy forms. On a stalk of rose-gold set with diamonds, a colourful selection of faceted and tumbled sapphires are decorated along it. We also included round emeralds on certain parts of the design to make it look like leaves on the stalk. This is an example of the mine to market story in a piece of customized jewellery


Simple jewelry design doesn’t indicate that its not a special design! The gemstones used are a 0.31ct marquise shape parti-coloured unheated sapphire and a 0.52ct cabochon black star sapphire. Both gemstones display unique character which showcases strikingly in a simple, elegant setting.


A 1.64ct cushion cut alexandrite ring. Alexandrite is often described by gem aficionados as “emerald by day, ruby by night”. This ring is paired with three pieces of marquise diamonds on each side of the band to complete this masterpiece of a ring.


A 2.99ct cushion cut purple spinel ring, inspired by the perfect and delicate flutter of the butterfly. Butterflies captures the essence of transformation, change, lightness, joy and playfulness.


This piece of customized jewellery is called the Alpha and Omega symbolises love from the ‘beginning to the end‘ for this couple’s 1.41ct oval purple sapphire engagement ring.


We designed a delicate nature-inspired ring of entwined vines and leaves. An unheated 1.75ct bi-coloured sapphire centers the ring, encased in an 18K rose and white gold setting. The sapphire is embraced with two 0.30ct oval D color diamonds shimmering by it’s side. The three stone ring design represents “past, present and future” an enduring symbol of true love. We love helping our clients convery their special story through customized jewellery.


A 1.23ct oval, colour-change sapphire that displays blue hue under white light which turns violet-purple under warm light conditions. This special solitaire is inspired by nature’s flower -the tulip. It is displayed as a subtle, intricate detailing that is seen as the ring’s four prong setting. This customized jewellery design gives an illusion of the gem resting on the flower. Pave diamond work follows the curve of the band, complementing the centre gem beautifully.


3.16ct oval unheated cornflower blue sapphire in a cathedral set 18K rose gold engagement ring. Cathedral settings resemble the graceful arches of the traditional European cathedrals, the design accentuates and highlights the centre gemstone and offers a unique eye-catching design.


1.16ct oval blue sapphire paired with square aquamarines with diamonds bezel set on to the band. This design is inspired by ‘Frozen’ Disney movie -icy blue gems of different hues centring the ring, while the diamonds that represents falling snow cascades down the band.


0.79ct emerald cut aquamarine in a halo and a split band setting with diamonds.


0.69ct trillion cut aquamarine solitaire in 18K black gold.


1.03ct unheated Burma sapphire in 18K black gold solitaire


0.94ct emerald cut aquamarine in our in-house Eternal Love design. Featuring two side diamonds of different sizes embracing the central stone.


A 0.40ct diamond in a graceful, tapered outline of a pear shape. The pear-shaped diamond cut is a combination of brilliance and design style  between the round brilliant and the marquise cut resulting in a shape with a single point end and a rounded end. Subtle detailing of leaf and vine is displayed in the intricate metal work underneath the ring’s halo setting.


When one colour just isn’t enough! An exemplary 4.44ct cushion cut bi-coloured teal sapphire, with obvious colour zoning visible at the middle of the gemstone. Top half of the sapphire shows green while the bottom half displays a beautiful blue tone. Teal gemstones have been especially rising in popularity. This piece was designed with a ‘chain’ concept in mind. Diamonds prong set at the sides of the band gives a star burst look to the overall design.


Sapphires commemorate 20th Anniversary. K approached us during our jewellery fair at Marina Bay Sands saying he was looking for a large, yet stunning colour change sapphire for his wife. We sourced the perfect gemstone for him which took a duration of 6 months! Finding the perfect gemstone requires skill, time and effort, however it is worth everything just to see your loved one rejoice in receiving a gift meticulously put together. We conclude this, mission (impossible), completed creating a one of a kind anniversary ring gift.


A 0.40ct diamond in a graceful, tapered outline of a pear shape. The pear-shaped diamond cut is a combination of brilliance and design style  between the round brilliant and the marquise cut resulting in a shape with a single point end and a rounded end. Subtle detailing of leaf and vine is displayed in the intricate metal work underneath the ring’s halo setting. This was a simple yet beautiful engagement ring.


Inspired by the Art Deco era, this pair of earrings is designed to present dandelions through bold, geometric styles. It is a classic beauty featuring peach morganites and champagne diamonds set in rose  gold to accentuate the gemstones colours. Morganite comes in pretty pink and peach colours and has a high degree of brilliance, making it a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. It ranks 7.5 to 8 on the hardness scale, making them good for daily wear. Originally called pink beryl, it was renamed as Morganite in honour of JP Morgan, the legendary financier who was also an avid gem collector with Tiffany & Co.


7.73ct white-sheen central moonstone set with two side blue-sheen moonstones in a statement 925 silver ring setting. Moonstone gemstones are prized greatly for its alluring adularescence caused by structural anomalies within the crystal formation.


We had just ended our “Moons and Stars” exhibition during Singapore Night Fest 2017. That was when J came to us, seeking to create a unique ring made with a moonstone centre piece.We showed him a range of moonstones to fit into different designs but he preferred one of the moonstone which had yet to be dismantled from our exhibit, featuring moon and star gemstones plastered over the ceiling. You could say that he had “picked a gemstone right from the night sky”.


0.96ct oval pink spinel from Vietnam set in a unique and bold halo setting of alternate paraiba tourmaline and unheated, Burma rubies.


0.80ct rainbow opal from Australia set in halo setting. Like lightning in a rainbow, it flashes its brilliance with even the slightest movement and claims notice by all who witness its phenomenal “fire.”


A 0.96ct marquise-cut yellow sapphire centres this engagement ring set in a mixed halo and cathedral setting. Two round brilliant diamonds weighing 0.10ct each are set on each side of the band. These diamonds hold a significant sentimental value to the groom as it was from a heirloom jewellery piece given to his mother by his late father.


9.16ct emerald cut yellow sapphire with two piecs of 0.62ct square diamonds in this classic cocktail ring. Fancy yellow sapphires are not only pretty but it is also used as an alternative to yellow diamonds. They are far more affordable and boasts a greater variety in shales and cuts, its no wonder why they are growing steadily in popularity.


This ring is one of first rings designed by The King’s Bespoke. Our client came to us with three loose pieces of diamonds -a fancy 0.63ct fancy diamond and a pair of 0.12ct diamonds. She came to us to customise a ring she would wear a daily basis. The design she chose involved the prong setting of the centre diamond to sit under the two smaller diamonds set in a tube bezel setting. Delicate leaf-inspired design decorates the shank of the ring. This concept design is inspired by European architectural motif, which acts as a building support holding the centre diamonds in place.


0.57ct round chameleon diamond set in an 18K rose gold knife-edged solitaire band. Colour of chameleon diamonds is typically grayish yellowish green. But, when heated up to 150 degree celsius or exposed to light after prolonged storage in the dark, it changes in colour, temporarily turning to an intense brownish to yellow colour.


With customized jewellery you can create a beautiful piece of jewellery with our team of gemologists and jewellery designers. This is a 2.68ct pair of tanzanites set in an 18K white gold dangle earrings inspired by a four petal flower shaped in marquise. Smaller tanzanites end the chain drop in four prong setting.


A pair of 4.09ct emerald cut tanzanite set in 18K yellow gold four prong stud setting. Another pair of round colour-changing alexandrites of 0.20ct sets underneath the tanzanite to give this customized jewellery piece a beautiful character.


An Australian retired couple were on a cruise tour in Singapore when they decided to visit our bespoke jewellery showroom with a loose piece of 1.66ct pear shaped tanzanite. They commissioned us to design a unique piece of ring for them, our designer designed a split band ring in 18K yellow gold with diamonds and pink sapphires.


This pendant was designed as an anniversary gift for a lady who loves tanzanite and whose birthday falls on December. Tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest and most popular gemstones, coming from only one location in the world.


Our designer beautifully created a kintsugi-inspired design with miniature butterflies on the pieces. Kintsugi, also known as Kintsukuroi, is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.


This four leaf clover inspired design represents the most common good luck symbol in the world. The four leaves on it represents hope, faith, love and luck.


This 5.85ct stunning ‘mahenge’ pink spinel is is set into an 18K rose and white gold pendant. White sapphires of various sizes embellishes the centre spinel in a playful ‘halo’ setting inspired by the silhouette of a ferris wheel.


A client came to us with a sentimental yellow gold strap which was passed down to him. He wanted to transform it into a special bespoke piece to gift his wife on their anniversary. We created a vintage yet classic centre piece with a 13.24ct oval brown zircon.


A bespoke 9.85ct cushion yellow sapphire set with stunning 1.61ct old-mine cut diamonds in a luxurious, vintage inspired setting. The center prong is created in solid yellow gold, to enhance and compliment the colour of the yellow sapphire.


A set of lustrous red spinel earring and pendant made in 18K white gold. The spinels are set in a bold, emerald-shape frame with geometric detailing by the sides.