For the start of the year, I (Tay Kunming) would like to introduce the Birthstones for each month. Birthstones is a fun and interesting way to surprise your loved one with a gemstone gift. They symbolize so much, it’s beautiful and priceless. 

There is a common saying “Happy wife, happy life”. Buying the right gifts for your wife/girlfriend will greatly help to improve your relationship and your happiness level.

To help you understand, here are 3 areas you can consider before getting a birthstone gift:

1.       Beauty – All gemstones are beautiful in the own way, it is how you want to tell your story. They are natural, created by God in nature, they are millions of years old (diamonds are known to be as old as 4.25billion years old so they are older than any antique in the world!) They are part of the history of the world. They have been given by royalty to one another to honor, love and to cherish. The list goes on!

2.       Value – After understanding its beauty, you would agree with me if money can buy such beauty, it is a good deal! Till date, very few people understand the full value of gems. In the past, royalty, nobleman, wealthy collected and kept gemstones. Besides that, many families have been enriched by the value of gemstones. My own family’s wealth has been built by the power of gemstones.

3.       Quality –  To be honest, there are so many standards of quality in the market (from so-called Royal Blue sapphires, Pigeon’s Blood rubies, or even Muzo Green emerald) that I gave up trying to learn them all! I read this somewhere the other day, “Common sense is not common”. Use common sense together with your budget to purchase your next gemstone. Some good questions to ask, “what is the main attribute of the sapphire that attracts me”, “am I willing to spent this amount of money for this gemtone”, or “am I willing to spent more time to explore more options?”

Here’s a list of gemtsones corresponding to the birth month, that are available in our showroom/shop.

Together with my team of gemologists and jewellery designers, we have curated a special collection of birthstones, by it’s different qualities, values and beauty. TK Bespoke specialises in crafting bespoke jewellery, from conceptualisation to production. With The Gem Museum, you get to experience and understand the main story of mine to market of a gemstone. Through education and trust, it helps to build confidence in your purchase.

View our list of bespoke design to kick start your bespoke journey with us. We are recommended with 5-star reviews by our customers for the past half decade.

Visit our showroom at 26 Kandahar Street S198888. Email us at info@tkbespoke.com or whatsapp 87420548 to arrange for an appointment today. 

About the author 

Florence Fang

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