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The gems and jewellery industry is one with plenty of opportunities. Our industry is connected throughout the globe, as we source our gemstones from different parts of the world. We have built up a lot of partnerships with companies from Israel, Thailand, and Myanmar, just to name a few. My directors regularly travel overseas for buying trips and go the extra mile to visit the mines.

People are constantly looking to buy jewellery. To commemorate an occasion, people buy jewellery as a gift which possesses a sentimental value. It is one of the rewarding industries to be in as we are always helping our clients to create jewellery that is personalized and meaningful. Jewellery that possess a story to tell to the next generation.

About the Designer

Designer of The King’s Bespoke: Ms Kristina Balzomo

My name is Kristina Balzomo. Since young, I had a spark of interest in arts and design. I used to play with my grandmother’s treasured trinkets and watch my grandfather creating beautiful oil paintings from the plain canvas.

In secondary school, I was exposed to the world of product design from taking Design and Technology. It instantly became my favourite subject in school. As a young girl who was intrigued with the beauty of gemstones, jewellery design became something I wanted to do because it merged my passion for product design with natural, beautiful gemstones. Another reason why I love gemstones is that no two stones are alike, so each of my jewellery creations are designed to highlight this individuality.

I remember my first day at design school. I was thinking, “When I graduate, I will be a jewellery designer”. The thing I couldn’t see at the time was that I already was one. The moment I consciously chose to take on this new journey, I became a designer.

To me, design is a never-ending journey -I am continuously learning different mediums and improving on myself to stay relevant. My philosophy is that design should ultimately bring happiness to the creator and to the user, so I am happy to create art and design that make people experience joy. I envision creating a storybook of unique designs throughout this journey.

My Job As A Designer

My job in Far East Gem Group consists not only jewellery design, as our company has different entities that form different facets of the gems and jewellery industry. We have The Gem Museum, The Far East Gem Institute and Lab, and we own two jewellery brands, which are Far East Gems and Jewellery and The King’s Bespoke.

I get to handle different job scopes; I work closely with our director and gemologist, Mr Tay Kunming to source for quality gemstones for our clients. I assist in sales consultation of bespoke clients, proposing gemstones and designs to meet their needs.

I oversee our jewellery production, which are handcrafted in our workshop. And finally I handle marketing campaigns by strengthening brand concept and producing content, such as doing product photography, videography and graphic works, for this newly launched brand.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw artistic inspiration from many things around me, from the places I have been to and the stories I heard. I believe that the right design will speak to the client. My designs are representative of my client’s personality, which is the essence of what bespoke jewellery is.

My job is to listen to my client’s needs and come up with designs that inspire them; It is to listen first, then translate those stories into a tangible form and transforming them into wearable art pieces. There is no limit in bespoke jewellery, it gives me the freedom to create a ring or any jewellery piece that is not just custom, but inspired. This is why I am fueled in passion to keep doing what I do.

If you are interested in creating bespoke jewellery, you may fill up the enquiry form to book an appointment with us.

Also, you may view our gallery for our past bespoke jewellery.

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